We manage data
in a lot of awesome ways

We came to this world to solve YOUR problems. We like to understand, propose and offer practice solutions

What we offer

We crawl and scrap your data

We create platforms to manage your data flow management

We serve your data in API rest to consume it

We make awesome Web visualizations

Startup created to offer easy solutions to your oversized problems

Kballa.dev is a big data software development company, created in 2020 to offer our knowledge and services about data management. Our main project is planet-express an I+D+I,
It's a new search engine to get relations instead of results about a topic. Thanks to Ceuta Open Future, a Ceuta government and telefonica initiative, we can work to create and grow this project. Actually we are in an Alpha state and in a few months we open up early access to test it

Services we provide

Our Startup is active in market/industry consulting, customized software creation, big data and a lot of other crappy things that you wouldn't understand.


Professional service related to information and communication technologies (ict) aimed at companies, institutions and organizations with or without profit :)

Big Data

We process data, macro or mass data, but... we treat them with exquisite taste.

Customized software

We design and manage in the best way the software you need, we are able to create a "hello world" in one click!

Doing things on the Internet since 2020

Kballa.dev was born a little bit because of the need to give a solution to a real problem in the world of research. Since the acceptance in the Ceuta Open Future of Telefonica, the startup has grown exponentially at a frenetic pace, so much so that the need to provide a service to the scientific and/or academic world has been established in our bases. We want to continue in this upward trend, to continue offering services tailored to real problems and thus meet the needs of groups in the scientific world. Let us help you and together we can establish ourselves as a reference company in the sector. Remember that doing things together not only benefits us both but helps many.

Versatility of tools

Kballa.dev is not only a company in the field of software development, big data and architecture data, our main idea for the future is to be able to help, for this we use among other things the best technology and this is none other than that offered by the developers themselves with Open Source. Our versatility supports our growth


What we are into

Thanks to the members of Kballa.dev, we have been able to develop the Planet eXpress application. This web application aims to provide a solution to the problem that researchers in different fields have when it comes to carrying out relational searches about something specific. Planet eXpress offers a multitude of results in a simple and attractive way. Just say what you want to search and where, the rest is up to us.


Team Members

We are fans of the code, geeks by nature, and a real problem solving team. With over 20 years of experience, we offer creative solutions for you.

Diego Pascual López

Data apassionated
RPG Cthulhu investigator

Sergio Hoyos Lacal

Copy & Paste documentation
The final biker

Nacho Fernández Calderón

Difficult rider
The last survivor

Ángel Hernández Pascual

Javascript master
The real Musician


Get In Touch

We works in an internet deep place (Homework :D). If you have something to tell us, don't hesitate and write.